Southeastern Region Presentations

Cynthia Bernstein (University of Memphis): "The Representation of Jewish English in the Southern United States"

George Aaron Broadwell (State University of New York at Albany): "Some Aspects of Verbal Morphology in Timucua and the Gulf Languages"

Ron Butters (Duke University): "Variation in Southern trade names: Regionalisms that one may can own"

Boyd Davis, Dena Shenk, and Linda Moore (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) and Ruth Greene (Johnson C. Smith University): "Stylization, aging, and cultural competence: or, why health care in the South needs linguistics"

Bethany Dumas (University of Tennessee): "Voice Identification and Authorship Attribution Issues in the American South"

Joan H. Hall (Chief Editor, DARE) and Luanne von Schneidemesser (Senior Editor, DARE): "The South in DARE Revisited"

John Lipski (Pennsylvania State University): "Is 'Spanglish' the Third Language of the South?: Truth and Fantasy about U. S. Spanish"

Lisa Cohen Minnick (Georgia Institute of Technology): "Performing Southernness: Dialectal representations and Southern linguistic identity"

Pamela Munro (UCLA): "American Indian Languages of the Southeast: an Introduction"

John Nerbonne (University of Groningen): "Aggregate variation in the South in LAMSAS"

Dennis R. Preston (Michigan State University): "That's What I Like about the South"

Anita Puckett (Virginia Tech): "Kinship talk and the construction of identity in the Upper South"

Edgar Schneider (Univ. of Regensburg): "Earlier Southern Englishes in Black and White: Corpus-based approaches"

Robert Shackleton (US Congressional Budget Office): "Genetic and Linguistic Distances Among English and American Dialects "

Rachel Shuttlesworth (The University of Alabama): "Southern American English in literature and films: Dialect distortion and some foundations of negative stereotypes"

Susan Tamasi (University of Georgia): "A cognitive model of Southern speech"

Benjamin Torbert (Duke University and NC State University): "Salience measurements of Southern vowels"

Walt Wolfram, Drew Grimes, and Ryan Rowe (North Carolina State University): "Sociolinguistic Involvement in Community Perspective: Obligation and Opportunity"

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