Louisiana Region Presentations

Robert Bayley (University of Texas, San Antonio) and Ceil Lucas (Gallaudet University): "Language variation in the South: The case of American Sign Language in Louisiana"

Sylvie Dubois (Louisiana State University): "Whither Cajun French: Language persistence and dialectal upsurges"

Connie C. Eble (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): "From French to English in Louisiana: the Prudhomme family's story"

Michael D. Picone (University of Alabama): "Using the Federal Writers' Project Materials for the Documentation of Language in Louisiana"

Robert Rankin (University of Kansas ): "The Ofo Language of Louisiana: Philological Recovery of Grammar and Typology"

David M. Rojas (Indiana University): "Considering the geographical delineation of Cajun English"

Kevin J. Rottet (Indiana Univ.): "On the demise of the Acadian-style first person plural in Louisiana French"

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